This machine is ment for fishing at the seafloor. Not for mackerel or squid.

The wheel can contain a 300 m fishing line of 1,8 mm.

When installing the fishing line, turn on electrical power, fasten the line to the wheel, and turn the wheel ¾ rotation CCW seen from right.

If the fishing line gets tangled, hold the wheel for about 1 sec, until the machine stops.

Untangle the line, and then turn the wheel 3/4 rotation CCW, seen from the right, to continue.

There are 3 jig speeds to choose from with the switch in the middle. Jig length is shortest at the lowest speed and longer at the fastest speed.

The knob at the right is for adjusting the torque which detects fish.

By pressing the button at the left, the machine toggles between stop, haul, stop, lower, etc.

The machine keeps the lowest position of the sinker one foot from the seafloor and seeks deeper seafloor every 6 jigs.

If the depth decreases and the sinker touches the seafloor, the machine sets higher seafloor.

When the machine has detected fish and therefore starts hauling, it accelerates to hauling speed gradually and slows down before the ring between the fishing line and the snood touches the pulley.

A buzzer sounds once with a long beep when detecting fish and 2 short beeps when the snood arrives at the pulley.

If the sinker hooks the seafloor, it tries hauling for 12 seconds, then stops and brakes. For activating it again, press the push button.

Smoothest operation is obtained using a 2 kg - 3,5 kg sinker. Do not use heavier sinker than necessary.